Simple About

A web developer who is motivated, team oriented and passionate about programming. His focus is on design and problem solving to ensure delivery of great user experiences and functionality. He Delivers results on schedule through proper planning and detailing.


  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • C#
  • Laravel
  • SQL
  • Flask

How it Started

I'm hoping you love a good story. Well, what about me really? I wouldn't consider myself a web developer professionally. Let me just tell you about how it all started. Corona Virus, well freezed everything so i'm out of school. I have to tell you this, i'm currently a student pursuing a bachelors in Quantity Surveying. "Sextus Empircus and the Greek skepticism" is the book I was reading when came across a coupon for udemy course. I love reaading a lot especially the Baldacci thrillers. I also for some reason like Stephen Hawking. "The Sixth Man" is my favourite baldacci book. Back to the coupon, I went ahead and checked what it was for and it just happens to be about Data science with python(pandas,numpy,matplotlib) I had done programming before, C++ in the university. It was just one semester and i have to admit, i thought it was cool but i didn't get most of the stuff.

So i hop into this udemy course causse i have nothing else to do, i'm not saying the stocism stories were not cool. They were actually great.I enjoyed reading them. At that time, I had no laptop cause there wass restricted movement so i couldn't get to the one i had been using. How do you learn data science without a laptop? Well, you use a phone. Pyroid is the app I downloaded on play store and it had everything incuding jupyter notebooks. And that's how i started my journey.

It was not as hard using a phone to code. It was actually easy. Plus I just wrote the code on my book and then copied on my phone. let me show you a couple of screenshots

Data science is all fun but i like creating things. I write poetry too.

Read my poem too

I started exploring udemy and found a course which would at the end of it all introduce to basic frontend and core PHP. You ever get excited when you finally write your first HELLO WORLD on a browser? I think that's the only time i was truly happy. Around July,2020. My birthday was fast approaching in August and what i wanted for My birthday was to be web developer on my 20th birthday for my 20th birthday. I actually did reach the goal after doing 4hrs of learning everyday inorder to complete the 48hr course.

I was not through cause after that i really saw growth in myself. I went ahead and started to improve on my PHP and started learning C#. At the same time i was looking at Javascript and relearning CSS which i seem to like very much. YouTube has been an amaizing resource and that's where i have built most of the skills i have today and a plus to the countless blogs i have read. I have been setting up my blog too through hashnode and putting content there to help others like me. I have really learned about the LAMP stack and still learning. Currently looking at PHP desktop and RubixML cause i love PHP and i'm also writing content to help people love PHP. Node js is what i have been looking at also and learning all about .NET. I think i really found something I really enjoy in the Information technology sector.

I'm looking at maybe in a few years of joining school and maybe getting some certificates on InfoSec after i get my bachelors done.