Hello Recruiter

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Denis Karani

A charismatic young man with a soft spot for memes and well, programming. People have referred to him as focused but I believe he just gets the job done. A reader and a good writer.


While his skill set may be limited to a few tools, he has a good grasp of them. He is determined generally and still believes that working hard and smart can coexist. A problem solver yes and a good eye for what could be i.e Features. He is concerned about customer satisfaction and an advocate for detailed communication.

Well let's get technical


Yes, the good PHP. He believes that despite the hate it gets, it's pretty much a good language. His favorite langue

Web performance

Session time being a determinant in today's web, he is well armed with techniques to improve the CLS, FCP, LCP, Js execution amongst other things.


Slightly pushed by the hype but soon proved to be quite interesting to what he caould do with it. Powerful.


Poetic in its syntax. He started using it in data science but soon shifted to the web and he is still using it.

Vue JS

Simple. Powerful. Awesome.


The hustle is in coming up with the file structure and the app context otherwise rich.


Beauty.He loves it. He believes it is what makes JS interesting


Yes, Orms exist but when you know how to format these queries then sql is as powerful as ORMs.

What he is working on


He did not choose it over AWS but because for a student, the resources were made available easily.

Cosmos DB and SQL db

Package for azure


Wanted to start using unity but the laptop coughed so much and hence gave up on it. Working towards moving to Asp.net.

Web assembly

It seems interesting. I love learning new things.


I set up my story blog there. Check the tales here Tales_ke. Still working on understanding how it works on the backend.

Welcome to the project section

Well, Stacked.live- The aim was to solve a problem. Check It out here. The documentation is here. Well while the other projects were for learning purposes they are well documented. Stacked.live


I have worked hard and documented my other projects which are code. The documentation include aim,what the project does and why it was made.

Here is the Github profile with the projects. You can read my articles here.